What Services Do You Provide & What Are The Average Savings?

*** You can stop looking – We can take care of it for you from here on ***

~~~ A client got a vehicle worth over $7k for $2,795 ~~~

~~~ Another got an SUV worth over $26k for $18,995 ~~~

People Have Lost $2,000 to $10,000 When They Buy A Vehicle!

How Much Are All These Services Worth To You?

  • Search: I do all the searches, find the best deals & find discounted vehicles for our clients. 
  • Value: I will get you a vehicle worth more than what you will pay for it. (See testimonies)
  • Trade: I use your trade to get as much as possible to save you more plus extra tax savings. 
  • Inspection: I inspect each vehicle we look at to ensure it is worthy using my experience as a mechanic.
  • Test Drive: I will test drive each vehicle with you to review its reliability.
  • Loan: I work on the vehicle loan if needed for you to get the best loan rate & payment.
  • Taxes: I will save you on the purchase vehicle taxes.
  • Pressure: I stay with you, so you do not get pressured to buy things you do not need.
  • Time & Stress: People spend days, weeks & months working on their deal. You will have a vehicle within 4 to 6 hours of your time.
  • Savings New: Average New Savings – 18% under MSRP
  • Savings Used: Average Used Savings – 25% under Retail Value
  • Advice: I advise you on Warranties, Accessories, Key Fobs, Trades & Preparation. 

Relax while we do the work for you.

We know all the loopholes & negotiating points to use in your deal & forward to working for you.

When you need a vehicle, just say “What About Bob?” See our Video: MeetBob.us

How Do I Place An Order?
How Did You Get Into This Business?
When you need a vehicle, just say “What About Bob?” See our Video: MeetBob.us

I used to work for a Car Dealership.

I applied for a job in 2003 but did not get hired.

I’m a good worker & was unhappy I didn’t make the cut.

They called me 2 days later and asked me to come into work for them because the guy they hired before me had a bad driving record & I had a good driving record.

I learned that the reason I wasn’t hired initially is because when they asked on the application “what animal do you consider yourself to be like?”

I answered Dog being a loyal & dependable person & a Retired Military Gulf War Veteran.

I was supposed to answer “Shark”

The dealership brought in an expert shark to teach us all the ins & outs of the trade.

I took a lot of notes.

I saw the other sales guys taking advantage of clients & their credit with loans.

I didn’t like what I saw.

If I had 2 clients & passed one off to another salesperson they would not split the deal with me as promised.

After I had it with them I decided to quit.

Friends & family knew I left & asked me if I could get them a deal because they hated buying vehicles & the car dealer process.

People used to pay me $700 to $800 for this service.

What Are Your Business Credentials & Reputation?
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What Is Your Experience With Used Vehicles, Maintenance & Inspection Of Them?
I have worked on vehicles since I was 16 years old in 1974 when my Dad started teaching me.

I have:

Changed Oil

Replaced Starters & Solenoids

Replaced Alternators

Replaced Water Pumps

Replaced Thermostadt

Replaced Fan Belts

Replaced Auto Light Bulbs

Installed Hug Caps

Replaced Shocks

Performed Vehicle Tune-Ups

Replaced Spark Plugs & Wires

Worked on Muffler Systems

Replaced window motors

Replaced Air Cleaners

Replaced Oil Filters

Rotated Tires

Changed Tires

Replaced Rotors

Replaced Brake Pads

Purchased Rebuilt Transmission

Worked on Small Engine Repair

Honed Out Pistons

Buffed Fogged Headlights

Had MoonRoof Installed

Installed Stereo Systems & Speakers

Had Remote Start Installed

Replaced Key Fobs & Programmed Them

Checked Brake Fluid

Checked Transmission Fluid

How Does This Work?

How Does This Work?

When You Need Deals On Wheels Just Say – – – “What About Bob?”

I will work to get you the best deal and relieve you of the stress in buying a vehicle.

*** We are your Shopping Assistant ***

New Vehicles

I negotiate the best price on a New Vehicle for you.

I will pick you up to go get your New Vehicle.

If you have a trade-in we will meet at the dealership so I can sell it to the dealer.

Please remove all of your belongings from the trade and have it cleaned – inside and out.

I will stay with you through the whole process to ensure you are not taken advantage of.

If you do not live near me I can do long distant negotiations for you.

I will be available via Phone, Text, and Email to help you during the purchase.

Used Vehicles

I will need a commitment from you for the date & time you can go to get your vehicle.

I will search for the best deals & set up a list of available vehicles for you to choose from.

This list will have the best deal listed 1st on top.

You will look over the list to let me know which 3 or 4 vehicles you like best.

Typically, we do not get past the 1st vehicle because it is the best deal.

Clients have looked at the others on the list and usually end up getting the 1st vehicle.

If you have a trade-in we meet at the dealership so I can sell it to the dealer.

You will need to remove all of your belongings from the trade and have it cleaned – inside and out.

If you do not live near me I can do long distant searches & negotiations for you in the 50 US states.

I will be available via Phone, Text and Email to help you during the purchase.

(Note: If you decide you cannot get your vehicle the week I set up the list or changed your mind on the requested selection then it will be an additional $100 to set up another list for you. If it is for the same vehicles the new list may have to be for the next or following weeks.

How Much Time Do We Need?

With both types of vehicles, it will take about 4 hours together for us to test drive, negotiate & close the sale. Sometimes only 2 hours if everything is done in advance on New Vehicles.

It is $100 for additional day visits.

If we have to go to the next vehicle, as in the used vehicle scenario, you can add another 1 to 2 hours per vehicle we look at in addition to the 4 hours.

(Note: Negotiation results are not guaranteed but locating & identifying the best deal is)

How Much Do You Charge to work on my Vehicle Deal & Trade Price?
Our fees are low.

Other companies charge $1,000 to $2,000 (Per Deal) or $100 – $200 per hr. for this type of service.

People used to pay us $700 to $800 to help them but we have streamlined the process & charge a low fee now of $500 & $100 for each trade & save you tons in Money, Time & Stress.

We charge in advance before we start because people have changed their mind after we work on the vehicle deal or have gotten talked into a vehicle by a dealer. For this reason, we have a no refund policy.

You pay less than most everyone else & we work for you to get the best prices for you.

*** We have 5 pay choices to get you started: Venmo, Zelle, Google, PayPal & Square ***

Why Do You Do This To Help People?
We understand that Car Buying can be a very stressful process & time consuming.

We love getting deals for our clients from the car dealers for you. At Car Buyer’s Advocate our team works to get you to best deal & take care of you throughout the buying or leasing process. We promise to save much more than our cost for service in Time, Money & Stress. Let us know your budget or payment you want so we may determine the price of the vehicle to get for you. We stay with you through the whole process to take care of you at the dealership.

When you need a vehicle, just say “What About Bob?” See our Video: MeetBob.us

Do You Help With Financing or Lease Payments?
Financing or Lease Payment: We also work to get you the lowest possible financing if you need a loan or the lowest payment for a lease. Nearly all our clients do not need a down payment.

We can help you decide how much to budget for and what type of vehicle might suit you.

Do You Help With Trading In Our Old Vehicle Or Turning In A Leased Vehicle?

We also work on your trade to get as much money as we can for it if you have one.

If you are local – we will give you Royal treatment & pick you up to take you to the dealership or meet you or drive in your trade if you have one, so we can negotiate your trade with the dealer to get you the most money for it. If you are in another US State, we will set up your deal then communicate & monitor it via Text and Phone to ensure the dealer does not take advantage of you. Let us know the days you are available to pick up your vehicle on the order form.

We like to use your trade to bring down the taxes paid on the purchase.

We will need detailed information on your trade when you hire us.

Do You Help With Searching For Our Vehicle?
Searches: You can relax and let us take care of everything. We do all the searching & find the best deals for you & negotiate more if possible.

See attached examples of how we work along with Pictures & Stories & Testimonies on our Facebook Page.

Many People Leave $2,000 to $10,000 On The Table Average When They Buy A Vehicle!

Do You Have Testimonies From Past Clients?
View our Testimonials
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~~~ A client got a vehicle worth over $7k for $2,795 ~~~
"If you could buy a $70,000 home for $27,000 would you do it?"

~~~ Another got an SUV worth over $26k for $18,995 ~~~
"If you could buy a $260,000 home for $180,000 would you do it?"

~~~ Another got an SUV worth over $75k for $64,648 ~~~
"If you could buy a $750,000 home for $640,000 would you do it?"

People Lose $2,000 to $10,000 When They Buy A Vehicle!


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