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Get me the best possible deal on the vehicle I like

  1. Free 15-Minute Consultation.
  2. Search for the best possible deals & wholesale vehicles for 4 to 6 hours.
  3. Generate a list of vehicles to look at.
  4. Meet & stay with you while you are at the dealership to ensure they do not take advantage of you (3 to 7 hours)
  5. In person Negotiation at the dealership on your behalf.
  6. $100 Trade-in 8 years or older vehicle. (Info needed to get $$ for your trade)
  7. $200 Trade-in 7 years or newer. (Info needed to get $$ for your trade)
  8. Or be on the phone with a dealership for you in another state or/and advise what to say exactly to a salesperson.
  9. Test drive vehicles to determine worthiness & take notes & get dealers to make repairs.
  10. Inspect vehicles to avoid most future issues or walk you through inspection in your state.
  11. * You may use the same list to share with others so they may get discounted vehicles.
  12. Advise how to Rust Proof your vehicle & not pay dealers $1,200 or $1,500 for Rustproofing.
  13. Advise how to get up to 50 to 100 extra miles (22%) per tank of fuel.
  14. Advise how to use an Auto Warranty to repair your vehicle & get your money back.
  15. Advise how to get a Moonroof installed for a low price.
  16. Advise how to get Heated Seats, both front & rear, for a Low Price.
  17. Advise how to get Heated Steering Wheels added on for a low price.
  18. Advise how to get Back-Up Cameras for a Low Price.
  19. Advise how to get Remote Starters for the Best Prices.
  20. Advise how to avoid paying $300 to $600 for Key Fobs & Programming to get them much cheaper.
  21. Advise where to get Vehicle Maintenance so you don’t get taken advantage of.
  22. Advise on Vehicle Upkeep issues & recommendations.
  23. Advise on how to get low priced Credit repair.


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    Upon enlisting our services, we cover a lot of services. (Starting at only $495):

    • Thorough Search: I invest 4-6 hours in meticulously setting up your best deal as close to your pickup day as possible. My effort is dedicated to identifying the most advantageous vehicle deals for your investment, valuing the service at $500.
    • Accompany You To Dealerships: I will stay with you at the dealerships to ensure you are not taken advantage of, monitor closing docs, negotiate when possible, advise & consult (for $300 included in Package #2 for $595 pkg) - worth $500.
    • Value Enhancement: I am committed to procuring a vehicle for you that surpasses its cost, a commitment supported by testimonials - worth $500.
    • Optimizing Trade-in: I leverage your trade-in to maximize its value and secure additional tax savings, a service estimated at $500.
    • Vehicle Inspection: Each vehicle under consideration undergoes a meticulous inspection, drawing on my extensive experience working with vehicles. (Worth $100)
    • Comprehensive Test Drive: I accompany you on test drives to assess the reliability of each vehicle firsthand. (Worth $100)
    • Loan Facilitation: If a vehicle loan is required, I work diligently to secure the best possible loan rate and payment plan, an offering worth $500.
    • Tax Minimization: I navigate the intricacies of vehicle purchase taxes to ensure savings. $500 Value.
    • Mitigating Pressure: I stand by your side for 4-6 hours, shielding you from high-pressure sales tactics and unnecessary purchases, an invaluable service worth $500 along with potential savings.
    • Time Efficiency and Stress Reduction: Instead of spending days, weeks, or even months on your deal, you'll receive a comprehensive vehicle deal within 4 to 6 hours. Time is money! Very valuable.
    • New Savings: On average, our clients achieve an 18% reduction below the MSRP for new vehicles.
    • Used Savings: Our expertise leads to an average of 25% savings under the retail value for used vehicles.
    • Expert Advice: I provide valuable insights on Warranties, Accessories, Key Fobs, Trades, and Preparation, an expertise valued at $500.
    • Vehicle Selling Service: Should you opt to sell your vehicle without purchasing another, we offer a flat fee service of $500, without claiming a share of your savings or profit. Simply indicate your intention in the Trade section of the order form.

    To engage our services: We require upfront payment due to instances where clients have entered a dealer's premises and subsequently made impulsive vehicle purchases after our involvement in their transaction. Our comprehensive package, available starting at $595, plus add our efforts to maximize the value of your trade-in and ensure a successful deal.

    The Information On This Order Form Is True And Correct

    I Have Read And Understand The Refund Policy In The Car Buyer's FAQ Section

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